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S7 Rock Music Playlist

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This is a Spotify playlist of Stevski7’s top picks of original rock songs created by fantastic artists with less than 150k monthly listens at the time of inclusion. Just to show that rock isn’t dead, it’s very much alive and well, check out these awesome songs!

Playlist Questions

How can I add my original music to your Spotify playlist?

The goal is to ensure the list fits a certain style and maintains a unique quality. To facilitate the list quality, I will continually browse for “lesser known” artists with music that meets the requirements (personal tastes to be honest). So with that said, I don’t and never will accept requests.

What kind of music is in this playlist?

Genres would include: 90’s rock, Rock’n’Roll with 70’s vibes, Alt-rock, Grunge (influences), Pop-rock from indie artists / bands. Music that appeals to me are guitar driven, little to no auto-tune, catchy – if I don’t want to listen to it twice, I don’t add it.

What’s the catch?

No catch, I just enjoy the hobby and part of that is discovering awesome songs from talented musicians and sharing with others who may have the same musical tastes as I do.

However, you can help by sharing the playlist on social media and your friends.