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What is This?


The musical journey of an idiot in a mid-life crisis: This adventure is driven by being studious and passionate about music. With no expectations, I plan on releasing my rock’n’roll noises, I mean creations.

Stevski7 is my conduit for creativity and artistic expression. I am happy for you to join me in this journey and if you enjoy the creations along the way, it really is a great honour and blessing. Here’s the music I created so far…

Stevski7 Bio

Soaring electric guitars and the raw crash of live drums back up the grunge-kissed sound of Quebec, Canada songwriter and artist Stevski7 – a creative focused on concept and strength of melody, as much so as the immersive escapism of pure, unadulterated rock.

Devoted to the journey of making music, Stevski7’s recent venture into the scene highlights a lifelong curiosity and passion that were keen to take the reigns. The songs come from the heart, the music from the soul; a combination as adventurous and energising as it is deeply human.

Inclusive and unbiased, Stevski7 rises from humble beginnings – a musically gifted family background in rural Quebec, Canada. His father, uncle and brother all played in bands; every memory elevated by the presence and power of music. As such, his welcoming approach invites audiences far and wide to revel in the unknown.

Backed by years as an IT Professional, an Agile Coach and B2B Marketer, promotion and business have been threads throughout, yet only in later life have these qualities transferred into learning the ropes within the music industry.

Inspired by artistic expression, Stevski7’s goal is simply to enjoy the creative process, whilst maintaining an unwavering work ethic that drives things in the direction of positive change. With that in mind, 2022 promises the release of one high-quality rock song per month, with the vision of a full-length album set for the year’s end.

Riding the wave as a solo act, writing lyrics, playing every instrument and performing, recording and mixing each track, Stevski7’s sound takes subtle influence from the likes of Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Nirvana.

Having played guitar for several decades, with rhythm as a main instrument and electric guitar, bass, ukulele, keys and drums all ready in the sidelines, performing voice has proven the most unfamiliar territory. To evolve away from comfort, however, is all part of the process. Thus, the Stevski7 project was born.

Inspired by the greats, driven by the impermanence of life, elevated upon a thirst for skill, understanding and limitless possibilities.

Stevski7’s dad’s band in the 70’s
Stevski7’s Uncle goofing around
Steveski7 with his cousin, brother and a family friend