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What in the heck is this?

How it’s Done – The Process

Welcome to the ‘Creative Workshop’ of Stevski7 — or as I like to call it, ‘The Accidental Symphony’. My process? Well, it’s a bit like stumbling through a musical jungle with a guitar in one hand and a coffee in the other. It all kicks off with me noodling around on my guitar during the ungodly hours of the early morning, often for 4 to 5 hours straight. If I hit upon something that makes me go, ‘Hey, that’s kind of cool!’, I’ll frantically record it on my phone — lest it be lost to the whims of memory.

Then, during my official ‘home studio time’, I’ll dive into my ocean of hundreds of ideas. It’s like picking the winning lottery ticket, except the prize is more noodling. Once a lucky idea is chosen, I fire up Logic Pro, decipher the tempo and key, and program the arrangement and drums.

Next up, the guitar track. After that, the bass. It’s a bit like building a musical sandwich — layer by layer. Then comes the fun part: redoing the tracks and adding some guitar doubling and solos. We’re talking 4 or 5 versions, because why settle for one? Humming a melody or tapping out something on the keyboard comes next. It’s like sketching out a map for where the song might go — or might not, who knows?

Now, the vocals. Ah, the vocals. It takes me a few days, or let’s be honest, weeks of mustering courage to add lyrics and sing them. It’s like gearing up for a space mission, except it’s just me in my studio trying not to sound too much like an idiot (I often fail). The final stretch involves listening to the song over and over, tweaking the mix and mastering like a mad scientist. And eventually, when I’ve mustered enough guts, I send my creation off into the world via DistroKid. It’s a bit like sending your kid off to college, but with less emotional baggage and expense.

And there you have it — the chaotic, caffeine-fueled (or alcohol depending on when you ask), sometimes procrastination-laden process of creating music in the world of Stevski7.

Why Though? – Pure Passion Project

Stevski7: It’s not just a creative project, it’s a mid-life… adventure! Here I am, cruising past 45, deciding it’s high time to rock out more than just my office chair. This isn’t just about dabbling in music; it’s like stepping into a musical TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) exploring uncharted galaxies of beats and tunes.

Think of it as my meditation, but instead of ‘Om’, it’s more ‘Oh man, this guitar riff is sick!’ It’s my escape hatch from the world of spreadsheets and meetings, diving headfirst into a sea of chords and melodies. This journey? It’s fueled by a ‘no-regrets’ policy and a love affair with the 90’s music that’s so deep, even my flannel shirts are getting jealous.

As I venture into the realm of Stevski7, I’m not just strumming a guitar; I’m conducting an orchestra of one. It’s about learning, growing, and trying to sing without frightening the neighbors. This project is more than ticking off a ‘bucket list’ item; it’s like opening a treasure chest of creativity at a time in my life when I finally know which end of the guitar is up.

With my day job in product management, Stevski7 is my virtual playground, a place where I can swap my mouse for a guitar pick and let my musical spirit run wild, no meetings required (thank F!). It’s where I trade in conference calls for guitar solos and let loose to the rhythm of my own drums So, gear up, dear listeners, and prepare for a journey through the quirky and rhythmically rich world of my musical explorations (apologies in advance)!

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